Lower The Tone

We are a 3 piece Neo Rockabilly band, Drums, Slap bass and guitar. Russ has been drumming a while , Steve has

been playing bass for a few years now and Simon has been playing guitar for many years. We got together to

fulfil a dream of Steve's and Simon's, that is playing Rockabilly music that we liked and taking modern songs and converting them to our sound. Unfortunately for Russ, he has

to listen to this crap as well as play drums to it but he seems to like it. (I think we do a couple he likes).

We do play to some of the rockin clubs so can easily do dance speed songs but also play a lot of pubs so we have

to diversify with a set that includes rolling stone, bolan,Jake bugg, 80's stuff... too many to mention here. We don't stand still when we play, both the double bass and guitar are on wireless and it's not unusual to see Simon behind the bar when Steve sings.



Slap bass and Lead vocals

Born and raised in Essex, up road from Si. Into agrigulture stuff....hence the bass.



Guitar and Lead vocals.

Likes most rockabilly music, try my hardest to play a little like setzer or harmon but know I'll never get there. Born and raised in ESSEX, just up the road from Steve, in fact we spent a lot of our childhood together and pissing about. Never thought about starting a band though till recently. (should have done this 20 years ago).

Into classic cars and bikes, married with two kids. Own Gretsch 6128T signature with 65' Fender twin and now a 6120 gretsch hot rod along with white falcon jumbo acoustic



Drums and backing vocals

Russ is not a Rockabilly fan, although he does a good job at playing it. He's more into Rock and plays in another band that keeps him going between playing our stuff. He's normally the first to notice a mistake Simon makes and ensures the audience realizes that he made a mistake. Recently started to sing a song, watch out for that.