Lower The Tone

We are a 3 piece Neo Rockabilly band, Drums, Slap bass and guitar. Russ has been drumming a while , We've all been playing for decades in various bands and we got together to fulfil a dream of Steve's and Simon's, that is playing Rockabilly music that we liked and taking modern songs and converting them to our sound. Unfortunately for Russ, he has to listen to this crap as well as play drums to it but he seems to like it. (I think we do a couple he likes).

We do play to some of the rockin clubs so can easily do dance speed songs but also play a lot of pubs so we have to diversify with a set that includes rolling stone, bolan,Jake bugg, 80's stuff... too many to mention here. We don't stand still when we play, both the double bass and guitar are on wireless and it's not unusual to see Simon behind the bar when Steve sings.


Instrument;  Double Bass

Skill level:  Best bass player in Lower The Tone

Special Skill:  Ability to call anyone a C/*T

Vocals;  Lead and backing

Lives; In a field

Drives;  a van

Language;  Bad

Hair;  Little


Instrument;  Guitar

Skill level:  Best guitar player in Lower The Tone

Special Skill:  Ability to cock up any song no matter how well it's known

Vocals;  Lead and backing

Lives; A few fields from Steve

Drives;  people mad

Language;  Not quite as bad as Steve's but up there.

Hair;  Slightly more than average in the band


Instrument;  Drums

Skill level:  Best drummer in Lower The Tone

Special Skill:  Ability to recognise other peoples cock ups and highlight them to the audient.

Vocals;  Lead and backing

Lives; Many fields from Steve

Drives;  A bigger van

Language; Pie

Hair; Very little

Extract from Wiki...

Neo-rockabilly (1990–present)[edit]

While not true rockabilly, many contemporary indie popblues rock, and country rock groups from the US, like Kings of LeonBlack KeysBlackfoot, and the White Stripes,[140] were heavily influenced by rockabilly.[141]

Morrissey adopted a rockabilly style during the early 1990s, being largely influenced by his guitarists Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte and working with former Fairground Attraction bass-guitarist and songwriter Mark E. Nevin.[citation needed] His rockabilly style was emphasised in the singles "Pregnant for the Last Time" and "Sing Your Life", as well as his second solo album and tour Kill Uncle.

Irish rockabilly artist Imelda May has been partly responsible for a resurgence of European interest in the genre, scoring three successive number one albums in Ireland, with two of those also reaching the top ten in the UK charts.

Drake Bell, a pop rock singer-songwriter and actor, revived rockabilly with his 2014 album, Ready Steady Go!, which was produced by Brian Setzer, frontman of the rockabilly revival band, The Stray Cats. The album peaked at #182 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 2,000 copies in its first week of release. The album received positive reviews from critics.

Neo-rockabilly UK band Restless, played neo-rockabilly from the early 80s. The style was to mix any popular music to a rockabilly set up, drums, slap bass and guitar. This was followed by many other artists at the time in London. Today, bands like Lower The Tone are more aligned to neo-rockabilly that suits popular music venues instead of the dedicated rockabilly clubs that expect only original rockabilly.[142][143]